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Lend Support to a Pregnant Loved One (Even in the Pandemic)

by Emily Graham

To pamper the expectant mom in your life, you might need to get creative. The pandemic means that most pregnant women are staying closer to home and taking extra precautions to stay safe. But there are ways you can lend support, even from a distance. Check out these heartfelt ideas from Emily Graham at Mighty Moms and help the mom in your life feel special.

Be There Emotionally

Checking in with a pregnant loved one can do wonders during the pandemic, especially if they’re feeling stressed or lonely. Try to ‘be there’ emotionally and offer support.

  • Share information and resources (or send books) to help ease her mind.
  • Schedule a mom date — even if it’s remote — to reconnect and have fun.
  • Check with the mama-to-be on her plans and offer to help plan an alternative baby shower.

Offer Comfort in a Gift Bag

Meaningful gifts are always well-received by expectant mamas. Put together a thoughtful care package to help ease stress during mom’s pregnancy.

  • Choose comfortable maternity/nursing wear so mom can stay cozy.
  • Pick organic and baby-safe products for a new bundle gift basket.
  • Schedule an organic meal kit delivery — moms need to eat!

Follow Her Lead

The toughest thing about pregnancy during the pandemic is that families may have different expectations or comfort levels when it comes to celebrations and well-wishers. Listen to your mama friend and follow her lead.

  • Check whether she has an online baby registry so you can send things she really needs.
  • Give the gift of service — yard work, cleaning, car detailing, or anything else she doesn’t have time or energy for.
  • Offer help with older kids, as applicable, if the parents-to-be need childcare during delivery.

Pregnancy can be a magical yet overwhelming time for many expectant moms. But with these ideas, you can help make her experience more special and less stressful, even amidst a pandemic. Need more ideas for baby gifts or ways to inspire the new mom in your life? Visit the Hello Baby Organics Shop today.


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