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What Is Cradle Cap?

Cradle Cap is a common skin condition that most often appears in the first three months of life. The most common appearance is on top of your baby’s head, but it can also form on the forehead, eyebrows, behind the ears and around the nose.

What Are The Chances My Baby Will Get Cradle Cap?

By 1 month your baby has a 10% chance of being affected by Cradle Cap. By 3 months, that number goes up to 70%. This is why we recommend prevention of Cradle Cap before it starts.

What Does It Look Like?

Cradle Cap generally presents as a flaky looking dandruff on your baby's head.

More severe cases can look like oily plaques and extend from the top of your baby's head on to the face and behind ears. 

What Causes It?

Many experts claim not to know the cause of cradle cap. But many say it is caused by one or a combination of the following:

  • mother's hormones
  • antibiotic use during pregnancy
  • c-section
  • genetics
  • overactive sebaceous glands
  • fungal infection (overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast)


What You Need To Know

There may be no way to prevent Cradle Cap's attempt to invade your baby's skin. But there is a way to decrease the chance that it is successful.  

All That Matters

  1. Proactive prevention is best.
  2. It is so easy!
  3. It does not matter what causes it. 
  4. YOU can get rid of it for good!

Until next time-

What Is Cradle Cap?

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