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Giving The Gift Of Organic Life: Legacy For A New Generation

organic soap
The world is becoming an increasingly hostile place to raise children. Does the health of the average American predict the future for your baby? If there was something you could do to change that, would you do it? Is it possible that this decision could be the difference between health and disease?

The C-Section Epidemic: To C-Section Or Not To C-Section... That Is The Question

Moms are lining up for c-sections like they are the luxury-upgrade to giving birth. Scheduled birth: no line, no waiting. And it can be done a week before you're actually due! But are doctors giving these moms all the information on risk? Should they be required to tell mom, "this may cause deadly food allergies?"

5 Reasons To Say No To Antibiotics For Your Baby

5 Reasons To Say No To Antibiotics For Your Baby
The human microbiome and its importance in maintaining good health have become an increasingly popular topic. So the following should throw up some...